a history of the fictional world

I - The Beginning

In the beginning, three dropouts left the realm of the gods to make their own, way past cool universe. cynica, tearoph, and hapis, joined together and started working on their new world.

they first created little beings to aid them. cynica bellowed, "let there be someone to look over the damned wreteched souls!" and nothing happened. he said it again, but louder. "LET THERE ME SOMEONE TO LOOK OVER THE SOULS OF THE DAMNED!" nothing happened. tearoph pulled out a stolen pineapple from their backpack and prepared to take a bite out of it. just then, it grew eyes and floated around the empty void that surrounded them. cynica wanted to name her satan, but hapis thought it was too unoriginal, so they named her amy.

then, hapis said calmly " let there be someone to look over the nice ones." a leaf popped off of amy and grew into a green humanoid with lopsided eyes and two stems coming out of their head. it let out a high pitched scream and scurried behind its creator. hapis named them sofd.

tearoph was never the brightest, but they were good at dividing right from wrong. hapis said to tearoph " why dont you make one to take care of the lost ones?" they replied " uuuh... ok. let there be a cool dude to... uh... take care of the void people... thats what they are right?" "yeah thats it. look! here he comes now!" out of nowhere, voyd appeared. a crimson cloak with cat ears carrying a scythe.

the three gods then created 3 homes for them and their little buddies. cynica and amy made a dark purple landscape filled with mountains and lakes of acid. stone pillars covered in eyes struck out of the ground and into the crimson clouds. amy then made little skeleton people to inhabit this land. of course they called it "hell".

Hapis and Sofd made a green sky with an endless sea of clouds. Trees slowly grew and made fruits. They werent apples, they werent pears, they werent lemons. they were just fruit. These fruit formed into more leaf creatures that were just like sofd. Hapis picked a random word out of a dictionary and called this place "after".

Tearoph and voyd decided to make this empty space they were in their home. tearoph took a spray can and gave the void some stars. voyd found a few rocks in tearophs backpack and threw it into the star filled space. big ones, small ones, all of them. he just threw them on in there. tearoph didnt really want any little people living in their home, so they didnt make any. it was just them and voyd, waiting for the souls to be judged.

and so, the Universe was finally created.

II - Urt

after a few days, a large rock appeared near tearophs home. this rock wasn't one of his, it was way too large to be carried in his bag. he had no idea where it came from, so they called over hapis to see what he had to say about it.

"yep. thats a planet."

hapis and tearoph went to cynica to vote on what lives on this new planet. they all settled on humans. they all would have the potential to be good, and bad, pleasing both hapis and cynica. tearoph didn't care either way and fell asleep.